Deborah Flowers,  Ibu Robin Lim, hosts of Awakening Birth Bumi Sehat
Deborah Flowers, RN CPM (left), and Ibu Robin Lim (right), hosts of Awakening Birth, at the Bumi Sehat Birth center in Bali, Indonesia

So often, at some point during a woman’s pregnancy, a health-care professional or well meaning friend, will provide information that puts unnecessary fear into the heart and mind of a mother-to-be.

“A woman may be told she is:     Too Old      Too Young     Too Small     Too Big…Women have babies!”
Pamela Hunt, CPM, The Farm Midwifery Center

In this episode, midwives Deborah Flowers, RN/CPM and Ibu Robin Lim, CPM, describe the many ways fear is used to intimidate or influence pregnant women to abandon natural child birth in favor of more technical intervention, as well as submit to a battery of tests that may or may not be in the mother or baby’s best interest.

Prenatal Care, not Prenatal Scare!